Positioning systems support subsea programs offshore Nigeria

October 05, 2016 | Nigeria, Products, Services & Techniques

Great Yarmouth,  UK  | – Nigerian contractor Geodetic Offshore Services has purchased two Applied Acoustics Nexus USBL positioning systems for various offshore projects, including underwater installation, diver monitoring, seabed surveys, and ROV operations.

Emanuel Ekpeyong, managing director at Geodetic, said: “The Nexus system has been mobilized as a stand-alone underwater positioning reference, back-up reference to vessel DP system and, in a complex setup, used with other equipment.”

The company is deploying the USBL equipment with Applied’s 1000 Series Mini positioning beacons and the smaller 200 Series Micro beacons.

The larger beacons are usually mounted on Geodetic’s work class ROVs, such as the Argus Mariner or its super Mohawk, but are also used to track divers during inspection work, for example during a subsea hose change-out in waters offshore Equatorial Guinea.

One of the most recent projects was a mattress and spool piece installation at Escravos, offshore Nigeria. Here the Nexus system was deployed for underwater accurate positioning of the mattresses within tight tolerances and diver monitoring (air and sat dives at various depths).

Geodetic’s clients in the region include Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Shell.