University Alliance – Africa’s broadest and most complete online source of energy-related news, research, jobs and insight for its energy professionals has created an opportunity through a university alliance programme for industry companies to help the region’s students gain valuable insight into the industry from a worldwide perspective.

Results from our extensive survey suggests that although most technical university graduates from Africa are well qualified and technically proficient, they have limited knowledge about the dynamic oil and gas industry they aspire to join. Nogtec in response to this critical challenge is developing a well-rounded Learning Resource Centre tailored towards the global oil and gas industry to be made available to the universities.
This programme will offer the graduates the technical resources and valuable insight into the upstream sector by providing information and promoting awareness of this exciting industry to the next generation of geoscientists, engineers and industry professionals.

With a clearly defined link between industry and universities, we see an obvious benefit both to companies looking to recruit and students reviewing the option of a career in the oil and gas sector. The programme gives university undergraduates free access to an industry learning resource centre, and offers the sponsoring company a chance to raise their profile and brand within the graduate market and community sustainability strategy in their region of operations.

We currently have University Alliance Project sponsorship opportunities. If your company would like to get involved and be part of Nogtec UAP Africa, then please get in touch.


  • Establish closer ties with a chosen university
  • The initiative will receive high profile coverage within Nogtec
  • Free to view profile of the sponsoring company on Nogtec homepage
  • Students and staff from universities across Africa will benefit from sponsored access
  • Points of contact established at sponsoring company, university and Nogtec to ensure maximum take-up of the scheme

To become involved, please contact us.