With over 85,575 visits per month, Nogtec offers a well-tailored advertising platform in the oil and gas industry and provide numerous options to best serve your advertising needs.

To request advertising packages or sponsorship options, please contact us. Or download our Media Pack.

Nogtec has introduced a new industry tailored advertising format to guarantee high impact, visibility and exposure on our site. This provides for a targeted, flexible, cost-effective, measured promotion penetrating way beyond Nogtec’s exclusive readership and a great way to make your advertising budget go further than imagined.

With significant growth increasing unique users and page views every week there is a vast audience of thousands of oil and gas professionals still reachable through Nogtec. Upcoming features, resource and customisations give even more possibilities – that’s the benefit of advertising on Nogtec.

What we are:

  • Africa’s largest online news and information source for the oil and gas industry.
  • Daily 24/7 breaking news headline stories written by industry experts and journalists.
  • Daily oil and gas price updates & analysis by experts.
  • Premium content feature-length regional spotlights, technical articles, special features, etc.
  • More descriptive photos, maps, and graphics than any other industry website.
  • Up-to- date events calendar, company directory, Jobcentre, etc.
  • The most current industry statistics available online.
  • Extensive online reference archives.
  • Nogtec e-Newsletter.

Run of Site (ROS)

Our limited inventory is sold on a monthly basis, by position. The following positions run on the website homepage and all run-of-site (ROS) pages. Some positions can support multiple advertisers in rotation and a randomly generated rotation system runs in all positions.

Banner Specifications

Top Banner – Leaderboard
728 X 90 or 935 X 65
Displayed throughout the website 

Poster Banner – MPU
336 X 280 or 300 X 250
Displayed throughout the website

Skyscraper Banner
160 X 600
Displayed throughout the website

Horizontal Banner
468 X 60 or 935 X 40
Displayed between primary content sections on the homepage and any page listing headlines.

 Welcome Advert
640 X 480
An exclusive ad unit, displayed for up to 15 seconds to every daily unique visitor on all landing pages.

Page Peel
500 X 500
An interactive ad unit that flickers in the corner of every page, and expands when moused-over.

Limit banner file size to 30K or smaller in GIF or JPEG format, and include an active URL your ad will be linked. All banners must include hyperlink to advertiser’s web page or site of choice.

Sponsorship Banners

Topic Section Sponsorship

A Topic section sponsoring provides an exceptional means of connecting with our visitors and subscribers whose interests are in those specific industry sectors you want to reach. You can choose to sponsor a relevant Topic section associated with your company by featuring your company logo linked directly to your website. Your advertising message will reach only those professionals who want more information on your specific products and services – target marketing at its best.

These topic sections include News – Regional News, Upstream, Downstream, Oilfield Services, Renewable Energy, Finance, Featured Articles etc, Jobcentre, Events, Company Directory, and many more.

Sponsorship Benefits:

Brand Awareness – strengthens your company image by aligning your message with targeted Nogtec content, helping to create an affinity for your company, products and services among industry professionals.

Traffic Driver – pushes professionals from the energy industry to your website or other online offerings to learn more.

Banner Specification: 

468 X 60 and 184 X 60
We can create customized advert to meet your specific marketing objective for this space. All we need is your company logo and the link (URL).

Video Sponsorship

Online video is increasingly becoming one of the best tools for reaching customers with branding messages, calls to action, and content to promote thought leadership. Survey estimates, 68% of Internet news consumers reported watching video news stories, while 62% had watched live feeds and 48% had emailed or shared videos. Take advantage of the unique video sponsorship opportunities offered through Nogtec.

Custom Video Campaign

Do you have existing videos that you want to promote to the energy industry? We can develop a landing page to host your videos, white papers, case studies, etc, including your company’s branding. We’ll also create a  promotional campaign to drive your target audience to those assets.

If you have videos of products and services, events, discoveries etc your company wants to promote, please get in touch.

Demographic Overview

Nogtec generates traffic from 129 different countries and territories around the world.

  • USA: 32.4%
  • Canada: 10.8%
  • Europe: 16.1%
  • Australia/New Zealand: 2.4%
  • Asia: 12.2%
  • Middle East: 4.9%
  • Africa: 17.6%
  • Latin America: 3.0%
  • Unidentified: 0.6%


Average Monthly Page Views:                218,680

Average Monthly Visits:                          114,351

Average Monthly Unique Visitors:           85,575

*Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

Advertising Rates

Nogtec offers a discount of up to 50% off regular rates to eligible smaller companies and those in developing countries. To take advantage of this offer, please contact us to learn more.

E-Newsletter Advertising

Advertise in our weekly e-Newsletter and put your advertising message before tens of thousands of oil and gas industry professionals each week. It provides an exceptional targeting for your advertising message that is direct, efficient, and effective, the e-newsletter can be an economical means of putting your message in front of potential industry customers, and in combination with a banner campaign on Nogtec website, the best use of your advertising funds.

Top Leaderboard Banner
Banner size: 728 x 90
Format: gif file

Main Banner
Banner size (in pixels): 468 x 60
Format: gif file

Company logo links
Banner size (in pixels): 180 x 60
Format: gif file

The Nogtec e-newsletter is circulated by direct mail on a named individual basis to a controlled database of over 15,000 professionals in the oil and gas industry every week.

Nogtec offers special rates for combination advert schedules in both the website and e-newsletter, and we provide up to 50% discount for smaller companies and those in developing countries. Contact us to learn more.

Nogtec Media Pack

There are many innovative marketing solutions for your business to become involved with Nogtec and meet its marketing objectives. We offer a lot more, including partnership and sponsorship opportunities for regional companies to support and work with Nogtec. Please read through our Media Pack to get a full overview of how your business can benefit and support Nogtec.

Nogtec Media Pack

Contains full details of advertising and discount packages.

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To learn more about advertising, please contact us.