Libyan protesters halt gas exports to Italy

November 11, 2013 | Pipelines, Politics & Social Unrest

Libyan Mellitah oilfield

Libyan Mellitah oilfield

Tripoli, Libya (Reuters) – Protesters of a Libyan minority demanding more rights at Mellitah port, operated by Italy’s Eni and Libya’s National Oil Corp, have asked staff to halt gas exports to Italy, a oil union official said.

“We tried to convince them not to close the pipeline, but it’s closed now,” Munir Abu Saud, head of the local oil workers’ union, told Reuters.

A spokesman for the protesters said they had ordered the closure of the pipeline to Italy, because parliament and government had not met their demands for greater political rights by Sunday.

Gas flows from Libya to Italy are still expected to cover demand from shippers on Monday, data from gas grid operator Snam showed.