Schlumberger introduces ridged diamond element drill bit

March 24, 2016 | Company Operations, Products, Services & Techniques

Fort Worth, Texas  | – Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, has released the AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit, which incorporates new-geometry Axe ridged diamond elements across the bit face.

The Schlumberger AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit, (Courtesy Schlumberger).

The Schlumberger AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit, (Courtesy Schlumberger).

The company says the bits improve rate of penetration (ROP) in a range of formations and steering response in directional applications.

Murat Aksoy, president, Bits & Drilling Tools, Schlumberger, said: “The drill bit market is performance-driven and seeks polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits that provide differentiated performance in ROP. The cutting efficiency delivered by the AxeBlade bit addresses our customers’ needs by helping to reduce the cost of drilling operations.”

The latest generation of Smith Bits 3D cutting technologies, Axe elements have a distinctive ridge shape that combines the shearing action of a conventional PDC bit with the crushing action of a roller cone bit. The company says the unique geometry of the element breaks rock more efficiently, requiring 30% less force. It also delivers improved control compared with conventional PDC cutters when drilling directionally.

The new bit has been successfully field tested in a variety of applications, drilling more than a cumulative total of 200,000 ft (60,960 m).