Niger Delta militant group blows up Shell facility, warns other oil companies

June 03, 2016 | Nigeria, Pipelines, Politics & Social Unrest

The rampaging renegade group, Niger Delta Avengers, today blew up a Shell Export oil pipeline at Forcados.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria | – Nigeria’s rampaging militant group Niger Delta Avengers attacked multinational oil giant Shell’s facility for the second time on Friday. The militant group claimed the oil company did not listen to the group’s warning and continued repairing the previously blown up oil installation, Nogtec Port Harcourt bureau reported.

The recent attacks followed the bombings that hit Chevron, NNPC and Agip oil and gas installations across the Niger Delta over the last few days.

In a series of tweets, the militant group claimed to decrease Nigeria’s oil production to zero. The attacks threaten to harm the economy of one of Africa’s most populous state, which is already behind Angola, currently Africa’s top oil producer because of supply outages caused by militant attacks in Nigeria’s Niger Delta.