Media Partners

Nogtec was founded in 2010 to be the leading prime source of Africa oil and gas news, information and analysis. The focus of Nogtec´s content is primarily to give the industry in the African region a voice in the highly competitive global energy market.

Like other regional websites, we invite industry authorities, leaders and companies to support the effort of Nogtec and most importantly work directly with our editorial team as Media Partners to ensure that all Nogtec’s content is up to date with reporting on the actual projects happening, investments and successes recorded in the region.

We have a strict editorial policy at Nogtec. With an in house team of expert petroleum editors working with the region’s authorities, we are able to ensure the best content is delivered to our audience.

We have secured media partnerships with the leading regional authorities, and have also developed strong relationships with some of the leading associations, companies,  regional majors and JV’s, that see them not only work with us as content partners but benefit by putting out their messages across the region to the global audience.

If you would like your company or organisation to become a Key Media Partner, please get in touch.

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