Eniram unveils optimisation tool for LNG carriers

March 27, 2014 | Products, Services & Techniques, Rigs & Vessels

Eniram optimisation toolSouth Korea – Eniram has launched an LNG-specific version of its Vessel Performance Manager (VPM), an optimisation tool which monitors energy consumption and offers guidance on how to save fuel.

The Finnish company unveiled its new product yesterday at Gastech 2014.

Vessel Performance Manager (VPM) uses the Eniram Vessel Platform (EVP) installed onboard a vessel and integrated with other onboard systems (such as the bridge and automation systems) to collect performance data using sensor network technology. The LNG version collects specific data such as boil-off and reliquification plant efficiency.

A dashboard shows the main energy producers and consumers in one screen; users can click to explore the behaviour of a specific component and compare it to another component in the vessel’s energy management system. Shore management can analyse the performance of one vessel, or compare several vessels as VPM presents a set of normalised KPIs.

“Eniram Vessel Performance Manager (VPM) is a comprehensive energy management tool that will allow users on LNG carriers to analyse and track the total energy efficiency of their vessel in real time,” said Pyry Åvist, VP Marketing. “In addition, the system is deeply integrated with other Eniram products to offer actionable guidance to vessel crew.”

“In order for us to give optimisation guidance, we had to develop a method to model the world’s most complex vessels, which now enables us to track and predict critical areas such as boil-off.”