Angola to produce and trade 5.2 million tons of Liquefied Natural Gas

January 30, 2014 | LNG & LPG

Soyo Angola LNG Project. Photo by Francisco Pacavira Bernardo

Soyo Angola LNG Project. Photo by Francisco Pacavira Bernardo

Luanda, Angola  – The Angola LNG Company will collect, process and trade, each year, about 5.2 tons of liquefied natural gas, besides producing also propane, butane and condensed gas, at the firm’s premises in Soyo Municipality, in the northern Zaire Province.

Angola LNG is one of the greatest and most modern investments of the Angolan government (USD 10 billion), reads a note from the institution, which reached ANGOP last Wednesday.

This project is intended to be a solution for the reduction of carbon emission and it is considered a source of clean energy.

Meanwhile, Angola LNG has shipped its first LPG cargo from its plant in Soyo, Angola.

The cargo was sold to Angola state oil and gas company Sonangol, on a free on board Soyo basis and shipped by the LPG carrier BW Broker, Angola LNG said. All LPG and condensate products have been committed for sale to the shareholder affiliates of Angola LNG.

The LPG and condensate jetty was commissioned immediately before loading and included testing of safety devices, mooring arrangements, and loading arms, the company said.

In addition to LNG production, Angola LNG’s liquids infrastructure includes storage tanks for 88,000 cu m of propane, 59,000 cu m of butane, and 108,000 cu m of condensate. It has a jetty dedicated to propane, butane, and condensate loading and a second jetty for pressurized butane loadings for the domestic market.

Angola LNG has delivered its LNG first cargo mid-2013 to Petroleo Brasileiro SA’s floating regasification terminal in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro.

Angola LNG is a partnership of Sonangol 22.8%, Chevron (36.4%), BP (13.6%), ENI (13.6%) and Total (13.6%).

Angola is sub-Saharan Africa’s second main producer of crude-oil.