Algeria’s Sonatrach makes 1.3 billion barrel oil discovery

October 28, 2013 | Exploration / Discoveries

Sonatrach’s gas processing facility located in Arzew on the western coast of Algeria, 450km from the capital Algiers.

Algiers, Algeria – Algeria’s national energy firm Sonatrach has discovered a major oil field with almost 1.3 billion barrels of deposits in the south of the country, Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi  announced over the weekend.

The find near Amguid Messaoud is “one of the most important that Sonatrach has made in the past 20 years,” he told the national news agency APS during a visit to the site.

The discovery was made 112 kilometres (70 miles) from Hassi Messaoud, the largest oil field in Algeria.

Yousfi said Sonatrach would have to use non-conventional methods to extract oil from the new field, adding an extra 10 percent to the costs, according to Sonatrach official Said Sahnoun.


  • John Humphrey

    Good news.But beware of the salafists and islamic jihadists in the desert. Not a good experience!