African Oil, Tullow discovers more oil at Ngamia 2 in Turkana, Kenya

June 24, 2014 | East Africa, Exploration / Discoveries

Nairobi, Kenya | – Africa Oil, Tullow Oil’s exploration partner in Northern Kenya has announced new gas and more oil deposits at Ngamia-2 well in a statement on Tuesday.

The Ngamia-2 well which was drilled to 1.7 km from the Ngamia-1 revealed 39 meters of net oil pay and 11 meters of net gas pay.

“The success of the Ngamia-2 exploratory appraisal well builds on our major basin opening discovery well, Ngamia-1. The reservoirs were of similar quality and the well will be suspended for testing,” said Tullow Oil Exploration Director Angus McCoss.

Ngamia 2 becomes the eighth commercially viable oil well sunk in the South Lokichar exploration basin. Prior to today’s announcement, the anticipated output from the joint venture between Africa Oil and Tullow oil, was an estimated 600 million barrels.

“The new discovery moves the partnership further to achieve the companies’ total estimate of one billion barrels of oil from all joint operations of the two firms,” said a statement from Africa Oil.

Testing for oil has already been completed at Agete-1 where tests shows oil flow of 500 barrels of oil per day.

Tullow is currently drilling at Ewoi-1 where oil was discovered and is being tested for commercial production.

Tullow plans to move to North Kerio and Turkana Central to prospect for more oil.